Animal Research: Unlocking Medical Miracles

Explore basic research that goes into treating diseases

FBR Launches Disease Specific Article Series

The Foundation for Biomedical Research kicked off an article series about how research with animals helps scientists better understand and find treatments for specific diseases, unlocking medical miracles.

The first article in the series “Animal Research: Unlocking Medical Miracles” highlights research that could help ease debilitating consequences of depression and anxiety for millions of people worldwide.

“Animal research is a key step in medical discovery. We launched this article series in collaboration with scientists to explain basic research breakthroughs and behind-the-scenes facts about science and research to improve lives of the sick,” FBR President Matthew R. Bailey said. “Basic research with animal models is helping carve a way toward better treatments and a better future for patients living with depression, Parkinson’s and illnesses of all kinds.”

The second article “Deep brain stimulation offers Parkinson’s patients new hope” looks at the development of safe and effective deep brain stimulation treatment for advanced Parkinson’s disease patients.

Read our press release about the launch of the article series. 

Read the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ NIAID Now August 18 blog post on the role of animal research in the development of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.





Animal research and testing were behind almost every prescription medicine available today. (Photo: onurdongel / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Photo credit: onurdongel / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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