Believe it or not, the way you prefer to eat your meat could indicate your risk for developing dementia. Well done? Medium rare? Sounds strange, but the science behind it makes sense.

Glycotoxins are compounds that are formed when certain foods are cooked for longer periods of time and browned or blackened. (Are you a fan of ‘well done’ steaks? Listen up…) Scientists have found that both humans and mice that consume diets high in glycotoxins are more likely to develop dementia. Mice that were raised on diets high in glycotoxins had elevated levels of the proteins that form plaques in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Researchers monitored the levels of these glycotoxins in human patients, and found that those with higher levels in their blood were more likely to suffer from cognitive decline. What’s more- in both mice and humans, a link to the consumption of glycotoxins and diabetes and obesity was also noted.

With similar results in both humans and mice, this research is definitely worth your attention. It also helps reinforce the idea that your diet can play an important role in your health. What do you think – is it worth trying ‘medium rare’ next time, instead of ‘well done’?

Read more about this research here and here.

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