Fat is fat right? Well maybe not. It turns out that fat has particular enzymes that help the brain and maybe even contribute to good health and a longer life.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine say that the enzyme called NAMPT helps control energy levels in the brain. The hypothalamus helps maintain sleep cycles, heart rate and more, relies on fuel to work properly. Produced by fat cells, NAMPT provides fuel to the hypothalamus and without it, there is less physical activity.

Low levels of NAMPT measured after fasting, in mice, produced lower levels of activity. The mice that had high levels were even more active after fasting. The researchers believe this may be related to a survival mechanism if there is no food availability. And beyond that, since NAMPT helps to feed the hypothalamus, and biological processes, knowing how it works could give us information on disease.

Read more at www.news-medical.net/news/20150424/New-research-shows-how-fat-controls-energy-levels-in-the-brain.aspx

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