There have been several research studies on calorie restricted diets and living longer. Rats were the first to live 50% longer if they had less calories. This was also common to Fruit flies, and C. Elegans, little round worms. As it turns out, this is a bit of a conundrum, especially when we are talking about how the brain ages.

We clearly understand how counting calories effects the waistline, but what else does it do? Well, it effects metabolism. It increases the ability to balance sugars in the body, less fat in the liver, less inflammation, and blood pressure is improved; all good things.

But to keep our brain working, it needs fuel-glucose. In fact, our brain consumes up to 20% of our energy. Since the brain doesn’t store energy it is totally dependent on the amount of glucose we have which , in turn is regulated by guessed it insulin. When there is more insulin, there is less fuel for the brain to use. As it turns out, this can also have huge impact on diseases like ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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