This could be the next generation of treatments to the brain! How the heck does that happen? Researchers at the University of Illinois along with engineers from South Korea have developed gelatin nanoparticles, gelatin shots for the brain, if you will.

The process challenges the traditional delivery of medication to a damaged brain which has to make through the sentry gate of the blood system, known as the blood brain barrier or BBB. If a medication molecule is too big, the sentry will not allow entrance. This can be very problematic for neurological disorders as well as stroke victims.

When a stroke occurs in humans, treatment must start quickly, within a window of three hours for the best outcome. Researchers have intra-nasally delivered osteopontin laced gelatin nanoparticles to rat models of stroke. Intranasal delivery decreased the inflammation in the brain and extended the time that additional treatments could be given.

Intranasal gelatin shots are biodegradable, non- invasive, AND a direct freeway to the brain, bypassing the intravenous medication route.


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