FBR and NABR have worked with others in the biomedical research community to research the animal models that were studied in the development of the top 25 prescribed drugs in 2014.  This information has been compiled and posted on the NABR and FBR websites. The list is sortable by drug, usage

Animal Testing and Its Gifts to Humans Wall Street Journal, 4/24/15 By Frankie L. Trull Patients with aggressive brain tumors finally have reason for hope. Thanks to the work of scientists and physicians at Duke University, an experimental new treatment for glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM—an aggressive tumor that kills about 12,000 people in

Author: 2 months ago

New research suggests that being able to recall happy memories may ease depression. Researchers at MIT say it may be a process of fixing the broken wiring in the brain that contributes to depression. Happy or pleasurable memories help the brain to be resilient in times of depression. Recalling good memories

Author: 5 days ago

Diabetes affects over 400 million people worldwide. Diabetics are either unable to produce insulin or their bodies are insensitive to it. Because of this, many need to monitor their blood glucose levels and inject insulin to control their blood sugar. But new research could potentially make this process easier and

Author: 5 days ago
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