Did you know that there are “brain banks” all over the world? What on earth is a brain bank? This video by National Geographic shows what a brain bank is and why they are important. A brain bank, specifically for PTSD research, is a huge opportunity to help all of our

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Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common causes of death in cats, but catching the condition in its earliest phases can add months or even years to a pet's life. Your cat’s kidneys play a central role in almost all of its bodily processes. They help to control the

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Did you know that fat has a significant affect on lung function? Well, it does! Normally, lipids (a fancy medical term for fat) are secreted in lung cells to keep them lubricated and pliable. In some lungs, the tissue becomes stiff and inflexible which can significantly hinder the lung's ability

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Bloat occurs when a dog's stomach twists, trapping gas-producing bacteria inside. If the situation is not surgically fixed, the stomach continues to expand due to increasing gas pressure. Eventually, this swelling can press on the blood supply to the heart, causing shock and death. Dog owners who have experienced this

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The brain is a complex organ. When some people encounter traumatic situations, the brain hangs on to those memories and causes long-term mental issues for the person.  Over the years, there have been studies to learn how to lessen these negative memories.  People who suffer from PTSD need help to

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Even though traumatic brain injuries are frequently talked about and are in the forefront of scientific research, there are still many unanswered questions.  We are fortunate to have researchers that dedicate their time to finding these answers.  I came across an article about Mary Ellen Michel, Ph.D who is one of those

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