Have you ever bought a really fun pair of shoes and then realized that the really fun shoes are not as fun as you thought when you were left with blisters?  This is a reality that amputees face with their prosthetic limbs.  When the residual limb changes, which it does constantly, the

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Wow.  Have you ever seen a TED talk?  I have watched quite a few over the past year and am always inspired by them.  When glancing through a few this evening, I came across this story about a professor at MIT.  Hugh Herr is a double amputee that has devoted his time

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Despite 50+ years of studies of chimpanzees in their natural habitats, we still don't fully understand the mechanics of their sleeping nest architecture. Until now. Researchers from the University of Nevada and Indiana University studying chimps in Uganda may have unlocked secrets associated with the chimps' selection of where and how they build their

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Green tea has been put into many products from shampoos, to body creams. Green tea antioxidants have been heralded for many years, and I love to drink it, decaffeinated of course!!  Researchers at Penn State have yet one more reason to enjoy the beverage!  It may help reverse symptoms of

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Hirudotherapy or "leeching" may seem like an antiquated remedy in medicine, in fact most people likely do not know they are used in veterinary medicine and, since 2004, human medicine! During an attack by a dog a 19-year-old woman had her ear torn off, it still had the earring in the lobe, and with

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Last year, I wrote about the potential for virtual reality games to help soldiers who suffer from PTSD.  ( I was excited to find one of the first studies to come out about this type of treatment.  The verdict is in and researchers at Emory University believe virtual reality exposure

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Explosions happen daily in terrorist regions, but not all of them cause immediate traumatic injuries.  A perfect example of an explosion not causing immediate damage but definitely rocking the heads of the nearby soldiers was when a grenade rolled into the hatch of the vehicle in which my husband, Joe,

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Spring is here and that means babies, adorable babies. Puppies, kittens, calves, bunnies, piglets, chicks, ducks, and the list goes on and on. The onslaught of cute can make you happy, and according to a new study downright violent. We have all felt the urge to pinch a cheek and hug

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