Last year, I wrote about the potential for virtual reality games to help soldiers who suffer from PTSD.  ( I was excited to find one of the first studies to come out about this type of treatment.  The verdict is in and researchers at Emory University believe virtual reality exposure

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Explosions happen daily in terrorist regions, but not all of them cause immediate traumatic injuries.  A perfect example of an explosion not causing immediate damage but definitely rocking the heads of the nearby soldiers was when a grenade rolled into the hatch of the vehicle in which my husband, Joe,

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Spring is here and that means babies, adorable babies. Puppies, kittens, calves, bunnies, piglets, chicks, ducks, and the list goes on and on. The onslaught of cute can make you happy, and according to a new study downright violent. We have all felt the urge to pinch a cheek and hug

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Inflammation is bad. We keep hearing that inflammation should be controlled. But, acute inflammation is a normal part of the healing process - a good thing! But, when inflammation becomes chronic, or long term, that's when it turns into the bad guy. Chronic inflammation is guilty as charged in diseases

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Space surgeons: the next generation! For astronauts who need surgery in space, this small robot could literally be a lifesaver. But prepare yourself... the method sounds like something out of an Alien movie. Ready for it? This small robot has arms with the ability to cauterize and suture, a video

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When you do a hard workout at the gym, sore muscles and muscle aches are a common symptom post-exercise because you generate lots of little tears in the muscle. This is usually not a problem and may even lead to improved muscle strength because the injury activates stem cells in

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Ok, pardon the pun in the title. I can appreciate Celiac Disease and other gastrointestinal disorders are no laughing matter!  I have a  gluten intolerance myself, and now researchers at McMaster University  have found something that may help me, and thousands of others that suffer the effects of wheat, barley

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