When you do a hard workout at the gym, sore muscles and muscle aches are a common symptom post-exercise because you generate lots of little tears in the muscle. This is usually not a problem and may even lead to improved muscle strength because the injury activates stem cells in

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Ok, pardon the pun in the title. I can appreciate Celiac Disease and other gastrointestinal disorders are no laughing matter!  I have a  gluten intolerance myself, and now researchers at McMaster University  have found something that may help me, and thousands of others that suffer the effects of wheat, barley

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Cloning is not new science, nor is it rare science. Cloning happens everyday it is just not advertised like the famous Dolly the sheep story years ago. "Gluca" the goat however has brought cloning back with hopeful purpose for sufferers in South America of a rare human condition caused by hereditary deficiency of

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Premature babies often have lasting lung problems, but hopefully that won't always be the case. Researchers are working on bigger and better treatments- and there's some good news! Currently, mothers of premature babies often receive steroid injections before delivery to help the baby's lungs develop. After the baby's birth, surfactant can

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There has been a lot of attention paid to circadian rhythm, and the effect of interruption of sleep especially with shift workers.  Now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine say that losing sleep could mean the loss of brain cells. In the new study, mice imitated 3rd shift

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Sometimes the treatment can be just as bad as the disease. Take the standard cancer treatment regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. Chemo makes you nauseous, lose your hair, and countless other awful side effects. Radiation can cause burns and other damage to healthy tissues around the tumor tissue. Wouldn't it be great

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Jellyfish. What do you think of when you hear that word? You probably don't feel warm and fuzzy! Personally, when I think of jellyfish, I think of that Friends episode where Monica was stung and someone had to pee on her. It's pretty funny... but that memorable show makes me

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