FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 20, 2014 PRESS RELEASE Contact: Liz Hodge [email protected] 202.457.0654 FBR Media Nominated for 2014 Emmy® Award “Rusty’s Story” is an FBR Media documentary about one family’s harrowing journey with Huntington’s disease and medicine’s decades-long search for a cure. WASHINGTON — FBR Media announced today “Rusty’s Story,” the first episode in the second season of

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Researchers at John’s Hopkins for the first time are able to see where sound is recognized in the Auditory Cortex and can map out different areas of the brain. Why is this important? Because they can see where sound ISN’T recognized as it should be and are better able to

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Translational research is a term many are not familiar with unless you work in biomedical research. Bench to bedside is perhaps easier to understand. So what does it all mean? Well, with patient consent cancer cells can be removed and implanted into specially bred mice that do not mount an immune response and that

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Electronic pacemakers can be lifesaving for people with abnormal or slow heart rhythms. A pacemaker is a surgically implanted electronic device that regulates a cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). In the US alone, around 300,000 patients receive pacemakers each year. Although pacemakers are reliable life-saving devices, problems do rarely occur, such as

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Finding an effective treatment for mental health is a challenge.  On the same token, finding effective treatment for mental health is of utmost urgency.  With skyrocketing suicide rates, we are in need of the right treatment.  But what is the right treatment and how do doctors determine what is the

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Some people are adamantly opposed to animal research.  One of my goals with these blog posts is to educate the masses about the many facets of animal research and how this type of research is necessary. I want to share a type of animal research that some people may not

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