Arthritis and super-BOTOX!

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As someone who has suffered from chronic back pain for the more than 17 years I can attest to how it changes many things in life.

Arthritis and chronic pain affects more than 50 million Americans and  their quality of life, their ability to work and even perform basic activities of daily living, creating a need for expanded treatment modalities.

Early animal trials show promising results…..

New research has shown that super-BOTOX’ jab, could offer pain relief for months for sufferers of arthritis, in just one shot removing the need for months of pain medication. Botox essentially works by preventing nerve cells from communicating with muscles. It is injected into specific sites in order to influence the way the body works.

Researchers have developed a new technique, which involves attaching botulinum toxin (the main ingredient in Botox) to a specific ‘safe’ part of the tetanus toxin, which takes the pain reliever to the spinal cord where it stops pain signals being sent to the brain.

The potential development of this solution could be a massive benefit to both humans and animals in treating the pain associated with arthritis in as little as three years.


Every medical advancement has helped millions of people and animals live longer, healthier lives.

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