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Self-reported poor sleep linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Lab mouse; photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Lab mouse; photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Building on research with mice, a new cross-sectional study of 101 adult participants has revealed that poor sleep is associated with several Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers. (A biomarker is a measurable substance in an organism that points to the presence of a specific disease or condition.)

The study’s lead author, Barbara Bendlin, wrote: “Studies in mice have shown that the effects of sleep on Alzheimer’s pathology and vice versa (pathological changes on sleep) really do go in both directions, and that’s very likely the case in humans as well.” (Read more.)



“All advances in medicine have an underlying basis in biomedical research. Animal research is done with great care and is done with special concern for the ethical treatment of the animals. The importance of medical research lies in the fact that new knowledge in medicine and innovative development is going to take place only when medical research is done.”

Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, Jr. (Legendary Heart Surgeon and Inventor)

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Animal testing and research has led to nearly every drug, treatment, medical device and therapy available today. 

Research With Dogs Benefits People and Pets

The close relationship between dogs and people may pre-date recorded history. One of the most significant results of our partnership with dogs has been their contribution to our understanding of diseases, treatment, prevention, and cures. Dogs and people get many of the same diseases because we live in the same environment, breathe the same air, walk the same sidewalks and yards. What we can glean from studying dogs in medical research often yields treatments and cures that help both humans and animals.

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