Love Animals? Support Animal Research.

(Whaaat!?!) Is it possible to do both? If someone you know is dying of cancer, yes. If a pet animal is suffering from a rare disease, yes. And if you work in research, of course! (More about that later.) But if you’re on the fence, or haven’t thought about it, please click here.

“I think the fuss over the use of animals in medical research is ridiculous. Why is it worse to use animal experiments to save lives than to eat them, which the majority of the population are happy to do? I suspect that extremists turn to animal rights from a lack of the more worthwhile causes of the past, like nuclear disarmament.”

Dr. Stephen W. Hawking, World-Renowned Physicist

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In FBR’s 28-page brochure, find out how you and your pets have benefited from medicine made possible by animal research.