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Knowledge gained from animal research has contributed to a dramatically extended human life span.
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Photo courtesy: New York Times

Photo courtesy: New York Times

Scientists reported a breakthrough in gene-edited piglets that may open the way for organ transplants from animals to humans

New York Times Health
By Gina Kolata | Aug. 10, 2017

Groundbreaking experiments published in Science may offer hope for the 116,800 patients who were on waiting lists for organ transplants last year. The successful creation of gene-edited piglets, cleansed of viruses that might cause disease in humans, could potentially close the gap between organ supply and demand that only enabled 33,600 of those patients to undergo transplantation surgery. And it might not be far off. The New York Times reports, “Dr. George Church, a geneticist at Harvard who led the experiments, said the first pig-to-human transplants could occur within two years.” Read more

“All advances in medicine have an underlying basis in biomedical research. Animal research is done with great care and is done with special concern for the ethical treatment of the animals. The importance of medical research lies in the fact that new knowledge in medicine and innovative development is going to take place only when medical research is done.”

Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, Jr. (Legendary Heart Surgeon and Inventor)

What is Animal Testing and Research?

Learn about how animal testing and research leads to cures for people and animals.

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Why Animal Testing is Important

Animal testing and research has led to nearly every drug, treatment, medical device and therapy available today. 

Research With Dogs Benefits People and Pets

The close relationship between dogs and people may pre-date recorded history. One of the most significant results of our partnership with dogs has been their contribution to our understanding of diseases, treatment, prevention, and cures. Dogs and people get many of the same diseases because we live in the same environment, breathe the same air, walk the same sidewalks and yards. What we can glean from studying dogs in medical research often yields treatments and cures that help both humans and animals.

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