We have all seen dogs, cats, even pigs with disabilities getting around with the help of “carts”, after all who doesn’t love a pig on wheels? More modern advancements in medical technology have given us 3D printed prosthetic legs for our canine companions, click here and watch the video of Derby (get a tissue) and his amazing prosthetic front limbs, and new life.

Using the remarkable technology of 3D printing, the same company that gave Derby mobility has also given 10,000 other pets a new lease on life. Tibial tuberocity advancement (TTA) is the typical surgical procedure used to stabilize the knee and reduce the need for ligament repair in dogs. Humans usually suffer from a torn ligament while pets usually suffer from degeneration of the ligament, making the TTA ideal for our canine companions. The procedure involved a large metal plate for stabilization but 3D Systems, who designed and printed Derby’s “legs” and Rita Leibinger Medical, developed a new implant for better stabilization, promotion of bone growth, a less invasive procedure, lower cost, and a quicker recovery time. Click here for the video of the 10,000 dogs because who does not love watching happy dogs!



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