Researchers have created a novel vaccine for cancer- a 3-dimensional vaccine! No, you don’t need special glasses for this one, the 3D action takes place after the vaccine has been administered.

So why a vaccine for cancer in the first place? Unfortunately, a lot of cancer cells slip under the radar of the human immune system. The idea is that a vaccine could prompt the immune system to attack the cancer cells. In this case, researchers expanded on that idea and created a vaccine that becomes 3-dimensional.

Once the vaccine is inside the body, the components of the vaccine assemble into a scaffold that resembles a haystack. This scaffold becomes a designated place for immune cells to congregate and generate an immune response. The components of the scaffold can also hold a number different drugs, so it’s possible that this concept could be used to treat resistant infectious diseases, as well.

In laboratory studies, this 3D vaccine effectively delayed tumor growth in mice. This is interesting research, and hopefully it will make it into human trials. Read more about it here.

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