For over a decade, there has been a great deal of talk about biological warfare.  When I think of biological warfare, I think of chemicals sent in packages because there have been a number of scares that involved this type of activity.  Post offices have tightened up their guidelines, and people are more aware of packages that seem out of place.  But suspicious packages aren’t the only types of biological warfare.

A recent article opened my eyes to another potential hazard; animal diseases as biological weapons.  Did you know that this was a possibility?  It has never crossed my mind, but the threat is real.  Since animals and humans can spread diseases back and forth, there is the potential for transmission of deadly diseases to us.

“Sixty percent of human diseases come from animal agents and 80 percent of the agents that could be used for bio-terrorism are of animal origin,”said Bernard Vallat, director general of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

Knowing this, the need for animal and human studies is ever increasing.  After so many soldiers have sacrificed their lives to keep terrorism on foreign soil, wouldn’t it be horrible to have the transmission of an animal disease wipe out the population?

Something to think about!  Read more here.

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