More than two million people in the US suffer with epilepsy, or more accurately, epileptic seizures. Some seizures are easily controlled with medications, others are not. What exactly is epilepsy? You can think of seizure as a result of an electrical storm in the brain that short circuits other communication. Sometimes it can be localized or could involve the whole brain. Although there are medications to treat many seizures, half of them have no known cause, and new treatments have been at standstill for decades.

Now research with mice suggests that an amino acid, the building blocks of protein, may offer some relief in seizure treatment. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have treated mice with two different types of amino acids called L-leucine and D-leucine.

When given during a seizure, D-leucine interrupted the electrical storm. Even better news- when it was compared against diazepam, the drug used in humans, the D-leucine ended seizures 15 minutes faster!

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