Animal Research

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Animal Research

What is Animal Research? (Hint: It’s Not Testing)

Animal research is everywhere, from amateur to scientific. When conducted in a clinical setting, it is simply the study of animals for scientific and medical discovery.

This ranges from studying wildlife to developing treatments for diseases in lab animals and pets. Through this observational and theoretical research, we can understand how things work. And that understanding is the first step toward cures.

See some of the organizations that participate in research with animals.

How Animal Research Benefits Everyone

All research is designed to foster knowledge and improve human and animal health. By supporting real science, we are able to generate real results. Research with animals is evidence-based, clinical care that is outcome-oriented.

  • Treat disease and disorders
  • Ease pain and suffering
  • Extend lifetimes
  • Create safe medicines, medical devices, surgical procedures and therapies

By working together, we can save lives. Animal research benefits everyone.

Animal Research & Testing Saves
Unlocking Medical Miracles

Research with animals is one of the

keys to unlocking medical miracles.


Myths vs. Reality

Victory! Combating Animal Rights Threats in the Courts

Victory! Combating Animal Rights Threats in the Courts

Read the September-October '22 edition of LAS Pro for our article "Combating Animal Rights Threats in the Courts." This article written in collaboration with colleagues in the community highlights two significant legal victories for the biomedical research community....

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“Each of us is touched by illness and disease — from the basic flu to mental illness and cancer — and all of us face the threat of the next epidemic. Medical research is about hope. It brings new therapies and the prospect of a better, healthier future. It is important to invest in science — and to recognize the crucial role that animal research plays in making medical breakthroughs.”

—Claire Pomeroy, MD
Past FBR Board Chair
Lasker Foundation President
Infectious disease physician

How Animal Research Helps Humans

Humans are animals. We all have so much in common with animals we see every day. Because of that, injuries and diseases work in much the same ways. In studying and researching animals, we can understand ourselves much better.

See how ethical research into these animals is vital to improving human life.

  • Rats and mice
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Nonhuman primates
  • Zebrafish and more

See more important resources on ethical research.

How Animal Research Helps Animals

Animal research is not just for humans. By understanding how disease and injuries work and spread in animals, we can

  • Help scientists save animals from extinction
  • Develop veterinary treatments for pets and livestock
  • Understand injuries and treatment
  • Improve the lives of animals and humans through vaccinations and treatments for diseases.
  • Extend pet and livestock lifespan
  • Extend pet and livestock quality of life

The Ethics of Animal Research

Animal research is necessary. There is no complete replacement for a living system on which to conduct basic research. Animal studies provide invaluable and irreplaceable insights into human systems and for the study of animal health – there is no better model than the animal.

The research community supports animal welfare and works to guarantee the health and well-being of all animals. Through rigorous control, important safeguards, and a dedication to a shared common good, the research community protects the animals we need to create better health outcomes.

We are improving computer models and cell culture research, but research with animals is still vital to save lives across species. It is needed to improve the common good.

Did You Know Animal Research Helps Animals, Too?

The Clinical Importance of Pet Trials

We learn more about animal health from other animals. Every year, thousands of people just like you volunteer their pets for vital research into behavior and animal health, including the removal of cancerous tumors to save pet lives. In doing so, they help us protect more and more pets, and more people.

The success of pet trials remind us again that we’re all in this together.

Learn more about pet trials.

Questions? We Hear You

We know that research with animals can be controversial, and can make people uncomfortable. That’s why we support research into future alternatives. And while right now there is no way to avoid animal and human research, we know there are questions.

Here are some answers, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more.

See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Ethical Animal Research to Save Lives

Our job is to support the laws and regulations that encourage smart, ethical, and effective research with animals. With your help, we can improve human and animal lives now and in the future.

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