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FBR’s Year In Review

The Foundation for Biomedical Research’s annual report is in. We hope you will enjoy perusing it and learning about our accomplishments in 2019. Thanks to your support, we reached new audiences and explored new communication vehicles. We also expanded our collection of Love Animals? Support Animal Research educational brochures and tools, as you will discover in this report. Please enjoy our annual report and see the message from our president below.

Message From Our President

2019 was a successful year at the Foundation for Biomedical
Research. We educated teachers, veterinarians, pet owners and the
public about humane and ethical animal research through social
outreach, media opportunities and our ongoing “Love Animals?
Support Animal Research” (LASAR) educational campaign.

I want to thank all our partners and donors for their continued
support and encouragement. FBR would not be able to educate
the public about animal research without you.

We wish you a safe and healthy 2020, despite all the challenges
COVID-19 has presented. Undoubtedly animal research will be
crucial to the development of treatments and vaccines. I hope you
join us and follow along for what’s in store this coming year.

Matthew R. Bailey
President, Foundation for Biomedical Research

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