If you know me, then you’ve heard me preach a thousand times not to live in an antibacterial world. Your immune system works well and it needs a job. Humans are all too eager to pop antibiotics when ill.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have conducted a study in newborn mice to show how early and  how the overuse of certain drugs may be detrimental. They tested the effects of two ‘mycin’ antibiotics (the name derived from the antibiotics themselves, (i.e. Vancomycin and Streptomycin) to study long-term effects on normal gut bacteria as antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria. They found that early antibiotic use can make you more susceptible to disease later in life due to changes in beneficial gut bacteria.

Keep in mind that almost 70 percent of the immune system is regulated in your small intestine or what we often refer to as the gut. So don’t over use! Don’t live in an antibacterial world, and if you have seasonal allergies ask me how I think a tape worm will help!


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