People love their pets, some maybe a bit too much, whether they are furry, feathery, scaly, spiny, or wet, but most people don’t know how sick many of our pets can make us.

Many reports of E. Coli, Salmonella, even parasites (yuck), are reported every year from pet owners. So how do you keep yourself safe from zoonosis, the transmission of disease from animal to human?

Different pets harbor different things……turtles have salmonella, in fact so do most geckos. E. Coli is rampant in petting zoos. Parrot fever? ¬†Yes, if you have feathery friends! For the dog people, keep clear of the roundworm parasite, Pregnant females, do not clean the litter box of your kitties for fear of toxoplasmosis!

So many diseases and sickness from our animal companions! But have no fear, if you know what to be careful about, you can enjoy your pet without worries. Click below to learn more.

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