What is your chronotype? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Recent studies suggest that night owls may be predisposed to obesity as well as depression.

Researchers at the University of Leicester in the UK have narrowed it down to eighty genes in the fruit fly that are very similar to humans. They are not true clock genes that are driven by circadian rhythm but preferences for time of activity; day or night. What’s more is that these sets of genes are completely different between day and night people, and can be molecularly driven.

The researchers suggest this is an “un-natural” lifestyle and could lead to health problems.

Read more at www.inquisitr.com/2099453/are-you-an-early-bird-or-a-night-owl-blame-your-genes-if-you-are-nocturnal-or-prefer-early-mornings/#kOII3XE38qE2iGdy.99

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