The Bombardier Beetle has a pretty crazy defense mechanism: it creates an explosive chemical reaction in its abdomen, and propels a toxic spray from its back end that can reach a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius! And amazingly, this beetle may be able to provide inspiration to scientists in a way that will help humans.

Check out the videos in this link to see the beetle in action! By using x-ray imaging, scientists have figured out how the beetle controls this unique reaction. Researchers have wondered how the beetle can pull his off without damaging its own body, and it appears that there is a flexible internal membrane inside the beetle that absorbs the pressure of the explosion. In addition to this protective feature, the spray is pulsed out at a rate of about 500 times/second, which also helps avoid damage to the beetle’s body.

OK, while you have to admit that this is pretty cool, you may be wondering how this is relevant to humans. Well, it’s possible that by studying the mechanism behind this beetle’s exploding butt, scientists may be able to improve on the development of fuel injectors and blast projection technology.

Not bad for a beetle! Read more about it here.

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