Animal Testing and Research Ethics

It is not ethical for researchers to test new treatments in people before they have been tested and researched in lab animals.

To understand how disease works, researchers study lab animals.

It is important for research and discovery to study living systems with a genetic makeup similar to that of people.

People share 95% of their genes with mice — the most popular model for animal research. We are about 98% similar genetically to primates, like rhesus macaque monkeys. Lab animals provide essential information about how people respond to treatments. Computer models or cells grown in a dish, by contrast, cannot alone provide an accurate picture of the progression of a disease in a whole living system. Examining how a disease behaves in lab animals teaches us how it acts in people, or even in other animals.

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The FDA: Animal Testing Ethics

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires animal testing before there can be clinical drug trials in people.

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