Bisphenol A or BPA , used in plastics, continues to be studied in a variety of settings. Just recently, a study was published from the University of Calgary that says BPA-free products are not necessarily free of the estrogen imposter. Manufacturers substitute Bisphenol S (BPS) for BPA.

In a study comparing environmental exposure, researchers looked at zebra fish that are very sensitive to changes in their aquatic environment. With very low doses researchers were surprised to find significant differences in how the brain developed. Brain cells called neurons normally develop in stages. With exposure to these compounds, neurons developed when they were not supposed to and vice versa.

The second trimester is when neurons become specialized brain cells. In zebra fish, neurons were being “born” too soon or too late which led to connection and communication problems between the cells. The difference between those that were exposed and normal zebra fish was as much as 240 percent!! As the little fish   grew, they took on behaviors of hyperactivity!

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