We all have naturally occurring bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract known as gut microbes. These microbes help aid digestion, help out the immune system and even play roles in disease prevention. Human medicine recognizes the importance and many varieties of gut microbes, but what about our feline friends? Well, scientists at the University of California Berkeley aim to find out.

Cats are true carnivores, which many uneducated people don’t realize, and previous studies have shown cats on high protein diets and cats on some of the carb heavy commercial diets have different microbes, although a cat on a high protein diet is still the healthiest. Scientists want more detail so the new study at UC Berkeley will compare companion, feral and shelter populations.

Want to help? You can! Owners can collect a fresh fecal sample to send in and will get not only a list of their cats gut microbes but what exactly they mean. Not a big stool sample collector? Don’t own a cat? You can still sponsor a shelter cat. Please click below to learn more on the study, learn how to send in a sample or sponsor the “Kitty Kickstarter” project and help out research for so many of the kitty diseases.


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