One of the most difficult things in treating brain tumors is how they can evade treatment. Biologically speaking, brain tumors rely on many different ways to grow. One of those is using growth factors that are important to help keep the body going strong. One of the treatment strategies is interrupt how the brain tumor uses epidermal growth factor but in doing so, other switches are activated which can bypass the entire process. So you can take care of one aspect, and then have a second and perhaps a third thing to treat!

This is exactly the case in treating brain tumors in mice at the University of California. Researchers have developed a 3 prong approach to tackle these evasive maneuvers with 2 drugs; Gefitinib, and Temozolomde, and a protein called PLK1. Using this combination, the tumors did not regrow. It is important to note that each of these treatments have been used individually for treatments in humans, but the three together have not been evaluated.

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