Cancer chemotherapy can be very hard on the body and is particularly toxic to brain cells, but in many cases it is the best therapy to kill cancer. While undergoing chemotherapy treatment, inflammation is created in the hippocampus which is the center for learning and memory and that is known as chemobrain.

Forgetfulness is not uncommon and sometimes lasts beyond the treatment period. This is not just “where did I leave the car keys”, it is extreme forgetfulness and can affect the quality of life. Up to seventy five percent of those who receive chemotherapy have this problem and in children it can be responsible for lower intelligence scores. Inflammation can also destroy other cells in the brain, interrupting the electrical signaling from axons and dendrites to the neurons.

Researchers at the University of California-Irvine, with the help of rats have shown remarkable results with transplantation of human Neural Stem Cells (NSCs). NSCs honed in on the hippocampus, made new cells, and even helped heal neurons that had been damaged with chemotherapy


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