Clostridium Difficile, AKA C. Diff is one of the most prevalent and contagious healthcare associated infections along with methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). According to the CDC, people at the most risk are those who are taking antibiotics, get medical care, and many times are older adults. How does that make sense? Taking antibiotics is supposed to get rid of an infection, right? Well the answer really is… it depends. When you take antibiotics it can upset the natural bacteria in the intestines that can help the body get rid of infections. That balance in the gut, the microbiome has been disturbed.

Thanks to mice, mathematical models and researchers at the University of Michigan, there may be a better way to predict and prevent healthcare associated C. Diff infection. They were successful in building a math model that predicted C. Diff infection in mice based on the bacteria in their intestines and how the microbiota reacted to antibiotics.

The researchers expect this to work as well in humans and perhaps be an indicator that some pro-biotic may be needed before leaving the hospital.

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