One day my husband went out for cat litter and came back with a puppy. I was upset for about 2 hours, but then the sweet, playful, clumsy puppy stole my heart. One weekend when my husband was away, Bones started getting sick. I thought it was just a stomach bug. Within a few hours poor bonehead was on death’s door. I carried her like a baby out to the car and rushed to the Vet.

Once there, I was asked repeatedly if she could’ve ate anything. I knew that wasn’t the case and was confident with my answer. Thankfully the awesome team at VSEC south philly came back within a few minutes with a possible Addison’s diagnosis. They said it was a very manageable disease and she could have a long and healthy life. I was scared, but hopeful. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, I sighed a breath of relief. Our baby bonehead would be okay.

It’s been about 4 years since her diagnosis. While she is expensive (she prefers the term high maintenance), she’s worth every penny. We always joke that we get the “problem pets” because we will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

I cannot stress enough how important research is. Without research, there would be no treatment for this disease. It would not be manageable and would most certainly be a death sentence for many animals, as well as humans.


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