This is a picture of my dog, Cleo who crossed the rainbow bridge in Dec 2019.
I met Cleo a few weeks before graduating veterinary school during my surgery rotation – she was part of a group of dogs brought in from an animal shelter to be spayed and help improve surgical skills for veterinary students. She had the sweetest disposition and I ended up adopting her. She was an adult when I met her and we were lucky to have her for 8.5 years – she was the first pet my then boyfriend, now husband and I adopted together and was with our family for many events including a cross country move, my residency and PhD training and the birth of our son. Cleo was the lucky recipient of benefits of animal research – she had developed degenerative valvular disease which was well-controlled with the veterinary only drug, pimobendan and this therapy prevented her from going into heart failure (we ultimately said goodybye due to declining mobility and neuro issues). Without animal research, this important drug would not have been available.

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