This is Noel; she was adopted just before Christmas 2018. I had wanted to home an animal in need so I was watching the local shelter intake page. When I saw her photo, I just saw that sad scared look on her face and felt so attracted to her. I then went to the shelter, filed all the paper work and brought her home. She was scared of humans since she was a stray before going to the shelter so human contact was new to her. I also noticed in days of having her she developed bald spots on her ear so I brought her back for an exam -- turned out she had caught ring worm. I felt bad as she was already afraid and now had to be put through these weekly lime dips to cure it. Eventually it went away during this time she had to be closed away in my daughter's room away from our other 3 cats as to not spread the ring worm to them. She bonded well to my daughter and favors her out of everyone in the house. The rest of us she is still a bit timid and will run from us. Her love is on her terms when she's in the mood she will come to you and leave when she's done. She has bonded super well with our cat Pumpkin; we call em husband and wife -- they are always together and we know they can never be separated. I am glad all my kitties are in pretty good health. Animal research helps to discover illnesses that we would not see by just looking at an animal. That gives a better chance to the animal to fix the problem before it over comes them and possibly kills them giving them a better chance at living a long life. I am glad knowing this research exists so that I can ensure my cats stay as healthy as possible and live as long as possible.


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