I thought I would send an entry to represent the equines! This is my Egyptian Arabian gelding Talyia. He and I compete in NATRC Distance Competitive Trail where we must cover 20-30 miles per day, 50-60 miles over 2 days at a set pace. It is not a race, and we must work as a team to complete obstacles and negotiate terrain challenges for the judges. A key aspect is that the horse judge is a veterinarian that evaluates the horse for condition and soundness as the primary judging criteria. We utilize horse care techniques and methods developed through years of equine research to keep the horse feeling good and in proper metabolic shape throughout the competition. And it must be done without the use of any drugs or treatments. Just proper food, water, electrolytes and care. This photo was taken by my friend and fellow NATRC competitor Jonni Jewell at Talyia’s first Competition. He handled the heat and humidity beautifully due to the preparation and care. Talyia and I have been down many miles of trail together and we hope to enjoy many many more!


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