With so many people concerned about their diet, it is no surprise that research continues on how to treat disease with the foods we eat, or don’t eat. The intestines and their inhabitants, our bacteria, or microbiome, have a tremendous impact on our immune system.

Researchers at Newcastle University in England and University of Michigan have identified a particular bacteria, of the thousands in the human intestine, that may be able to point the way in the treatment of intestinal diseases like Crohn’s disease. Bacteroides thetaiotomicron helps us to digest yeast carbohydrates like beer and bread and it might be the ticket for developing  pre-biotic treatments and better intestinal health.

Our intestinal cells are constantly replenishing themselves so University of Michigan researchers first looked at how B. Thetaiotomicron influenced intestinal cells to maintain their health. Next, mice helped identify how the bacteria can maintain a healthy microbiome by having yeast in the mix. Researchers hope this is a step in the direction of better nutrients to treat disease.


Read more at www.alnmag.com/news/2015/01/could-gut-bacteria-help-us-digest-beer-bread-fight-disease-too?et_cid=4356324&et_rid=792448939&location=top

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