Are you one of those who just feel out of sorts losing that extra hour of sleep? Does it take a couple of days to feel “right” again? Well researchers at the University of California –Irvine say it is real, and you are not crazy!!!! They call it desynchrony, and it has everything to do with our circadian rhythm. We, just like others in the animal kingdom operate off of light cycles. When that cycle speeds up or slows down it affects our brain. That’s why we tend to get jet lagged as well.

To that point, researchers studied the brains of fruit flies. Now, I know what you are thinking…Fruit flies get jet lag?! Indeed they do. The signals in their brain change with exposure to light which is the strongest influence on circadian rhythm. By using extremely sensitive low light cameras the researchers were able to see the neurons reset themselves when exposed to light.

Have you ever flown coast to coast, or overseas? That jet lag is horrible! Maybe light therapy would help “reset” your circadian clock!


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