Certain canine breeds are prone to health issues. Pugs have short muzzled “scrunch” faces that give them not only their unique, adorable look…..and sound, known as brachycephalic. Sometimes this condition can cause breathing issues for the breed and a veterinary plastic surgeon, yes you heard that right, is enlisted to shorten the dogs palette away from the trachea and nasal passages opened for easier breathing. Shar-pei’s, another cosmetic surgery candidate, often have their eyelids surgically pulled back to stave of infections in their wrinkly skin and avoid scratching corneas.  Veterinarians who perform these medically relevant procedures prefer to call them corrective surgeries, not cosmetic.

While these surgeries have a medical necessity some pet cosmetic surgery is truly cosmetic, and in this bloggers opinion, completely for the owner. Neuticals, or implanted, artificial testicles, are slipped into the scrotum at the time of neuter to give the appearance of an intact male.

As there is little money in animal research for animals the furry heroes who paved the way for medically relevant, and irrelevant, procedures helped some see easier, some breathe easier, and some owners walk a little prouder!



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