Losing a family pet can be devastating. The decision to euthanize, even if is for health reasons to end suffering, is one of the hardest to make in a lifetime. What if I told you that even though it is heartbreaking to put down a pet due to quality of life it can be a positive by having your pets organs donated. Through a new Pet Organ Donor Network based out of Kansas City you can do just that. The most common donation? Pancreas for studies devoted to changing treatment for canine and feline diabetes or implantation of healthy pancreatic cells into diabetic patients. Other donations include hearts. What better way to study congestive heart failure than in a heart already in failure from animal that needs to be put down? Cancer is also common, if an animal is set for euthanasia due to advanced stages why can’t we donate the cancer for study? The bigger picture is this, less animals used in research and family pets helping other pets (and us silly humans!) live longer and healthier lives. That is a win win to me! Click the link below for more on this new network and please read the touching stories of organ donor pets.


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