In a new study in the push to find a better cataract treatment than surgery, scientists have successfully dissolved a cataract with a steroidal eye drop.

Cataracts, largely age-related, can also affect children with a genetic alteration that causes them to not produce a steroid in the body called lanosterol. It was noted in these children’s parents that they did not have the mutation and therefore had no cataracts. So the scientists wondered if an eye drop containing the steroid may be the answer. As solution containing lanosterol was tested on three groups. First, a human lens with a cataract received the drops and showed improvement. Next rabbits with cataracts received the drops and at the end of the experiment had mild cataracts or none at all. The third group consisted of 3 dog breeds that are prone to cataracts, Labrador Retrievers, Queensland Heelers, and Miniature Pinschers. The dogs showed the same improvement with the drops and the best part is that it works quick, the experiments were only 6 days long!

Research that helps pets and humans alike and eliminates the needs for surgery? Now that’s great science!


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