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Celebrate 40 years of education and support for humane biomedical research with animals.

40 Years and Counting

Since 1981, FBR has promoted understanding and support for biomedical research. We’ve worked to include a diverse range of community voices to forge consensus, improve understanding and build knowledge about responsible animal research. Our work has helped improve the health of people and families. Thank you to all of FBR’s donors and partners who’ve made FBR’s accomplishments possible.

Celebrate 40 years of FBR. Flip through FBR’s 2021 annual report (click here) and see the message from FBR President Matthew R. Bailey below.


Thank you for believing in FBR’s mission to educate about the important role of animals in biomedical research. 2021 was a successful year for the Foundation for Biomedical Research despite a global health crisis. FBR forged ahead with materials to help scientists communicate about their research and communication tools to help increase public understanding. This was all possible because of YOU. Your support allows us to be a voice for ethical and humane animal research.

All of the milestones FBR reached in 2021 are because of your generous contributions that fund programs including FBR’s popular “Love Animals? Support Animals Research!” campaign; op-eds supportive of lifesaving research in media outlets around the U.S.; FBR Real Pet Stories™ blog posts about how pets are living longer and healthier lives because of veterinary medicine progress; national public polling on attitudes toward animal research; the production, printing and distribution of public education materials to facilities worldwide; strategic communication support; and more.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with FBR over the past 40 years. We look forward to more successes in 2022.



Matthew R. Bailey
President, Foundation for Biomedical Research

FBR's 2021 annual report is out.

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