Males struggle less with weight loss than females, just diet with your significant other sometime ladies, but a new study shows that a molecule found in plant leaves keeps female mice from gaining weight but not males. Can we get a collective WOO HOO?!?! 

Researchers have shown that a hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is secreted after a workout, controls body weight gain by signaling to suppress food intake and up energy expenditure. Manipulating the signal can help in the fight against obesity but BDNF degrades quickly in the body. Scientists, while looking for therapies for neurological disorders, discovered a product that occurs naturally in trees from Central and South America that mimics the function of BDNF. When mice were fed the tree derived product and a high fat diet, females maintained normal appetite but had not weight gain. Males did not fare as well, they became obese and developed diabetes. 

Human clinical trails have begun in China and Australia for treatment of several diseases, including Alzheimers, obesity and diabetes. Please click below to read more.

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