Do you find yourself craving sweets, and not just sweets, the high fat ones? It seems it may have to do with a particular hormone in the brain called glucagon like peptide-1 (GLP-1). Researchers at Rutgers are looking at GLP-1 and its influence in obesity and food addiction.

GLP-1 is located in different areas of our bodies, but in the brain it could have a lot to do with how our eating is regulated. Cells in the intestines and brain give off GLP-1 and normally should tell us when enough enough is when we are eating.

Thanks to mice, researchers have linked low levels of GLP-1 to having a particular liking to high fat foods and not knowing when to stop. When the researchers were able to boost the GLP-1 signaling, the mice had little interest in foods that were high in fat. Certainly this isn’t the only reason why some of us overeat, however, researchers feel this is linked to the pleasure centers in the brain.


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