Some people, like my mother for example, think that tea can cure or do anything. Have an upset stomach? Have some soothing tea. Broke your arm? Oh dear, just have some of this tea. Road rash head to toe? Oh, just have a little tea, it will fix you right up. Well according to new research, science may suggest my mother’s faith in tea’s abilities just may be true.

Recent studies have shown that nanoparticles make biomedical imaging better but these nano particles, like iron oxide, clump together and are slow getting to their destination within the body.  Researchers decided to coat the slow nanoparticles with a natural substance from green tea called catechins. When the coated particles where given to mice with cancer the MRI imaging showed concentrated numbers in the tumors with elevated contrast to healthy cells making imaging and isolating cancer much more effective.

I don’t have an MRI scheduled anytime soon but still, I think an iced green tea on this sunny first day of spring sounds even better.



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