Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t pull a grey hair out of your head because two might grow back in its place? I always thought that was an old wives’ tale, but it turns out that there might be something to it. It’s possible that new research based on hair plucking could lead to treatments for hair loss. Sounds counterintuitive, but it may just work!

Scientists figured out that injury to a hair follicle affects the environment around it, which can then prompt hair regeneration in certain cases. They figured out the most efficient way to do this by working with laboratory mice and plucking hairs in certain patterns. They found the ideal ‘plucking pattern’ could lead to between 450 and 1,300 hairs regrown in the place to 200 plucked hairs!

By plucking hairs from the same small region, it prompted immune cells to converge on the ‘injury’ site and signal new hair growth. If this same technique works in humans, it’s possible that this understanding of the body’s hair follicle system could lead to new treatments for hair loss. Read more about this research here.

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