Turn down that music or you’ll go deaf!!! How many times did you hear that as a kid? I heard it plenty of times! It has always been thought that long term noise exposure can affect your hearing. That is so, but perhaps not how you think!

Just recently, noise research in mice has uncovered an adaptation that may just preserve how the brain perceives sound. Biologically speaking, when sound is generated, cells in the ear generate neurotransmitters, chemical signals, that send messages to the brain about the particular sound.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that, indeed, the auditory nerve was able adjust and compensate how sound was transmitted. After noise exposure, the cells actually changed their structure and behavior to preserve the amount neurotransmitter released.

Read more at www.alnmag.com/news/2015/05/how-noise-changes-way-brain-gets-information?et_cid=4555365&et_rid=792448939&location=top

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