Calling all IBD sufferers; you know, those with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. That miserable feeling could be due to missed connection by a protein called MyD88. Researchers at the University of Utah are looking into how mice with IBD get sicker when they are without active signals from MyD88. Classic symptoms of inflammation and diarrhea start to appear as well as weight loss.

The intestines are home to many bacteria, good and bad that create crosstalk and support the immune system. Since this is ground zero for fighting infections, it is very important to keep bacteria in balance. When there is imbalance, it’s a problem. MyD88 is the switchboard that keeps that crosstalk, and bacteria in healthy balance. When there is less MyD88, there is less of an antibody call IgA that can control just how many bacteria are permitted to be in the conversation.

What to do? Like humans, mice did well with a fecal transplant. Yes that’s right, replacing bad bacteria with the good and balanced kind.



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