For all the questions we ask in medical research, there are even more to be asked. Even when answers are right in front of us, we have difficulty seeing them because of things learned in the past. This was exactly the case for researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

In one of the most surprising finds, they have exposed traditional thought. It has always been believed that the brain did not have lymph vessels. Now they have proof that lymph vessels exist within the brain and can play a role in immune function: a direct connection between the brain and the immune system.

With the help of mice, researchers were well on the way to developing a new way to study the brain and accidentally found these vessels on a microscope slide! Serendipity struck! This accidental find may have made answering  questions about neuro-immune disorders easier. For example, is there connection between Alzheimer’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis and the brain’s immune system?


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