Legos and science: they go together perfectly. Yes, you heard that right. Researchers have created an amazing combination of science and your favorite building blocks… by developing a Lego robot with the brain of a worm!

Researchers modeled the robot’s software after a roundworm’s neurons, and the software actually made the robot behave like a roundworm. No remote controls here- just the ’roundworm’ software. The robot moved around obstacles just like a roundworm, and was even stimulated by food!

While this is a pretty cool advancement, it will be awhile before you’ll see a robot with the brain of a cat or dog or higher species. The roundworm was a good model for this project (called the Open Worm Project) because it’s a relatively simple organism. In the meanwhile, this Lego robot shows that when it comes to artificial intelligence, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of possibilities.

Read more about the Open Worm Project here.

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