Pet owners should support animal research. Many first-time pet owners quickly learn how many diseases and conditions—surprise!—affect our four legged friends just as they do people. Dogs get urinary tract infections and cancer. Cats develop cataracts and hyperthyroidism. But researchers have developed ways to help pets—often using the same treatments originally designed for their human counterparts.

Animal testing is one of the most crucial steps in developing new treatments and cures to improve health and well-being for all. It’s a way to make sure new medicines we take or give to our pets are safe and effective. It’s a method of perfecting surgical procedures such as deep brain stimulation so epileptic patients can have a more normal life.

And yes, it’s a really complicated issue.

That’s why FBR put together this campaign. To help all Americans understand the goals, benefits, and regulation of research with animals. Love Animals? Support Animal Research is funded by FBR, a nonprofit that works to promote broader understanding of how studies with animals lead to improved health for people and their pets. FBR receives no government funding. It’s underwritten by individual, academic, and corporate supporters who understand the value of animal research in scientific and medical discovery.

In this campaign, FBR is joined by more than 180 organizations who have partnered with us because they understand animal studies are responsible for discoveries that will further improve the lives of our pets.

Explore campaign pages on this site to learn about the health problems shared by humans and animals, as well as the ways in which dogs and cats have benefited from animal research. Plus, answer any questions you may have about the subject, and download the free 28-page campaign brochure. If you would like hard copies please email with your mailing address and the number of copies.

We have some work to do.

FBR conducted a professional poll to gauge what people think about animal research and the results show there’s room for improvement. So, we have some work to do! The poll shows that explaining how research benefits pets has a significant impact, causing support for animal research to increase from 36 percent to 57 percent. You can see two reports from the poll results here. The first gives a graphic overview of the results and the second report breaks down the details of the poll by age, race, gender, and other demographics.

Photo credit: Texas A & M University

Photo credit: ©Rosalie Winard
Animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin (pictured above) has endorsed our Love Animals? Support Animal Research campaign. Dr. Grandin is a professor of animal studies at Colorado State University.


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