Researchers develop treatments and therapies to help both people and animals.

Animal Research Saves Animals, Too

Practically all biomedical research with lab animals advances veterinary medicine as well as human medicine.

Animal research also helps animals. It has resulted in many remarkable lifesaving and life-extending treatments for cats, dogs, farm animals, wildlife, and endangered species. With the recent sequencing of genomes, in-depth research into animal physiology, and surgical advances, researchers are constantly being reminded that humans share many biological and physiological characteristics with animals. Practically all biomedical research with lab animals advances veterinary medicine as well as human medicine and helps pets and wildlife live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Dozens of diseases, from cancer to epilepsy, affect both animals and humans. Vaccines that treat humans benefit animals. Many other conditions are successfully treated, in both humans and animals, with antibiotics. Through research with animals, researchers can develop treatments and therapies to help both people and animals.

Click below to learn about our new campaign “Love Animals? Support Animal Research” that showcases how advancements in veterinary medicine are made possible by animal research. Animal research saves lives.


Veterinary Medicine

Pacemakers, artificial joints, organ transplants, and chemotherapy are just a few of the breakthroughs made in veterinary medicine thanks to animal testing and research.


Dogs, cats, sheep, and cattle are also living longer and healthier lives thanks to vaccines for rabies, distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, anthrax, tetanus, and feline leukemia.

Our Pets

New treatments for glaucoma, heart disease, cancer, hip dysplasia, and traumatic injuries are saving, extending, and enhancing the lives of our pets.

Endangered Species

Advanced reproductive techniques are helping to preserve and protect threatened and endangered species.

Support Biomedical Research

Since 1981, FBR has been dedicated to improving human and animal health by providing continuous service to America’s research community.

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