Wyoming biologists have found a mule deer migration route as long as any known in north america. Researchers from the University of Wyoming, along with conservation groups are working hard to keep this 150 mile route from Hoback Junction to Rock Springs Wyoming, known as the Red Desert to Hoback Migration clear and free of development. 

 So how do they track the animals? Using nets, designed in New Zealand (gotta love the kiwis!), that are shot from helicopters, deer are trapped and wrangled (I clearly have the wrong job) into slings. Researchers then take samples, a tooth, a whisker, blood, feces, even an ultrasound is performed. All of this is to track health, diet, and age. While migration routes are nothing new, this one is notable for its length and the unique collaboration to keep the route from development. Please click the link below to read more on this remarkable project. 



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