Motherhood alters your brain, this we know as all of our mothers are crazy, but how it alters the brain may help researchers understand why hormone replacement therapies (HT) are so variable in their effects.

Motherhood causes permanent changes in the connection in the area of the brain known as the hippocampus which plays a role in both long and short term memory and spatial navigation. Researchers tested several groups of rats, middle-aged, young, mothers, and non-mothers, to determine the efficacy of two different estrogen therapies, estradiol and estrone. While young female rats performed behavior tests better using estradiol HT than the estrone HT rats, when the same HT was tested on females that were mothers against naive females the results were quite different. The estrone HT improved learning in middle-aged naive rats and actually impaired learning in females the same age that had been mothers.

With HT so widely used in menopausal women this study gives hope of fine tuning individual needs for HT and better relief. Click below to read more.

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