Taking advantage of state of the art technology could enhance medical therapies for brain tumors. Such is the case with the latest called nanodrugs. Nanodrugs have been designed at a microscopic level to attack brain cancer cells. So far, researchers at Cedars-Sinai think this option could help to make brain surgery unnecessary in many cases.

Nanotechnology offers the opportunity to deliver not only drugs, but molecular proteins and genetic material to destroy the cancer cells. Amazingly, the size of these particles are smaller than the diameter of a human hair and mice are helping to refine the delivery process even more.

Lung and breast cancers are among the types of cells that can spread (metastasize) to the brain. The biggest hurdle to treating these cancers is the Blood Bran Barrier or the BBB. Because nanodrugs are so small they can get through the BBB and get to the cancer cells.

Read about the latest technology at www.alnmag.com/news/2015/05/nanotechnology-identifies-brain-tumor-types-through-mri-virtual-biopsy-animal-studies?et_cid=4592559&et_rid=792448939&location=top

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