The blood brain barrier (BBB) is a fortress to protect our brain. It necessarily rejects unwanted molecules that may be toxic to the brain. That protection comes at a cost. Sometimes medicines that can be beneficial cannot make it through the gate. Now researchers at the University of Montreal have developed a way that can open the gate for few minutes; long enough to get needed medicine to the brain.

With magnetic nanoparticles, MRI and mice, the team was able to open the BBB to deliver medications. The nanoparticles were guided by MRI and radio frequency to open various gates along the BBB. Right now surgery is the only option for many brain diseases and disorders in surgery. This technique opens up a host of treatment options for very specific drug delivery, as another option.

Although this is not in clinical trials yet, the team is hoping that other uses for this technology could include treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and psychiatric problems.


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