Have you heard?  The war in Afghanistan has come to a close.  Interestingly enough, an entire company of soldiers deployed just last week from Fort Benning and guess where they went ….. Afghanistan.   Announcing that the war has come to a close leads people to believe that our U.S. soldiers are no longer in harm’s way.   I think this terrible.  Thousands of parents, spouses, children, and friends are counting the days until their loved ones return stateside.   I want the general public to remember our soldiers and what they are continuing to do even though it has been announced, “the war is over.”  Casualties will continue and these soldiers will need support both mentally and physically.

Thankfully, scientific research continues to march forward to help our soldiers.  With the large number of nerve damage injuries due to shrapnel and parachuting accidents, this is a common concern in the military community.  In two separate studies, a unique molecule has been identified that “not only gobbles up bad cells, but also has the ability to repair damaged nerve cells.”  This is great news and has the potential to help both service members and civilians alike.

Read more about this study on nerve damage repair and therapy:


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