Blood clots in arteries and veins can block the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart or brain, causing heart attacks and strokes. But now, researchers are working on a device that could help break these blood clots apart much more quickly- even in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital!

The device is a small, nano-sized capsule, delivered via IV to a patient suffering from a blood clot. The capsule releases fast-acting clot-busting medication at the site of the clot. Time is of the essence when blood flow is restricted to the heart or brain, and minutes could make a difference.

This device could be a game-changer, because unlike current medications that flow through the bloodstream and can cause bleeding in other places, this nano-capsule targets the problematic blood clot. While it will likely be a few years before this device is available to patients, this is a big step! Read more about this research here, and read about the development of anticoagulants with the help of animal research here.

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